Sunday, February 1, 2009

January's Most Read Posts:

Google provides webmasters with some really useful tools on how people use their website. Here's what it said about Boyd's Life for the month of January 2009

Most Popular In Order:
  1. The Impotence of of Proofreading
  2. Jackson's Horrible Movie
  3. Is there a God Delusion
  4. What do Teacher's Make?
  5. Obama Chia Pet
  6. Print is dead and I don't Feel So Good Myself
  7. The Cruel God
  8. Miss-Matched Presidential Hands
  9. Oops CNN Does it Again
  10. The Rational Flea
Unusual Search Engine Phrases that Found my Blog:
Search engines turn words into math to try and match up what someone is searching for with websites that might possibly be what they want. It's really fascinating to see the phrases people used that Google linked to my site. Sometimes it'll show some real lu-lu's that make me wonder what the searcher was really up to. For January 2009, the most unusual were:
  • "articles that are considered strange for people suing companies for monies"
  • "blue whale reincarnation"
Site traffic is not quite double what it was six months ago

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