Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grocery Delivery Service In Jackson

Last week my sister mentioned a new service in Jackson that I might find useful in my new downtown apartment.  She hadn't tried it herself yet, but it seemed like a pretty good idea.

The company is and their business model allows you to order regular grocery items from their website for delivery to your home or office.  Grocery shopping is not a chore I enjoy, so I was more than willing to give this new company a try.

The ordering process on their website is pretty simple and intuitive.  They have a sufficient (but not huge) selection of products at moderate prices.  The beauty of what AisleAte offers though isn't selection or low prices but the convenience of having someone bring it to you rather than having to go get it yourself.

I placed my order Friday evening for delivery Saturday.  It wasn't a huge order, but covered a fairly broad selection so I could test the water.

I have to say the test was pretty successful.  My order came complete and in good condition.  My frozen items were still frozen and the delivery was simple and easy.

The owner is David Chase, a fairly recent Millsaps graduate who opened AisleAte for business in July of 2010. Their physical plant is on Baily Ave., but their delivery range seems to cover most of Jackson and 25 neighboring zip codes.

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