Monday, May 18, 2009

Chokwe Lumumba Makes History

And so it begins...

If you've ever heard of this guy before, then you know there's never a dull moment around him. I kinna hope he wins just to see the Marshall Ramsey cartoons about him.

If you read his platform he's gonna bring the people jobs and justice and medical care and all sorts of great stuff if he's elected. He doesn't actually say how he's gonna do all this, but I guess that's not really important.

Lumumba is convinced white people hate him because he's black, when really they hate him because he's from mars.

From WLBT:
Posted: May 18, 2009 07:18 PM
Is Chokwe Lumumba a Democrat?

JACKSON, MS (WLBT)- Eleventh hour controversy surrounding Jackson's Ward 2 City Council race.

Democratic candidate Wydette Hawkins says he was shocked to see a YouTube video of his opponent, attorney Chokwe Lumumba, saying he is not a Democrat although he's running on the party ticket.

Lumumba is seen speaking to a group of people in which he says he's running on the Democratic party label only because he did not have to sign an oath to the party. And could not win as an independent candidate. The video was posted February 13th. Hawkins claims Lumumba is misleading the voters of ward 2. Here is a portion of that video and response from both candidates.

Video: "It's an election we intend to win. But there is no question we are not a Democrat like Barack Obama. We are not a Democrat period and I make that statement clear."

Hawkins: "He is running as a Democrat, but he has emphatically stated that he is not a Democrat. So my question is he misleading our people from day one and as a candidate I'm very concerned about it I'm bringing it to the attention of everyone."

We asked Lumumba, "Are you a Democrat?

"I am a Democrat. I am a Democrat, in that I believe the people be represented in the government. I believe in that I meet all the qualifications I am required to meet to list myself on the Democratic ticket," Lumumba said.

Lumumba says he is affiliated with the Mississippi freedom Democratic Party and that qualifies him to run on the Democratic ticket. He also says he intends to make history if he wins by creating a new political party.
Here's the YouTube video where he says he's not a Democrat:

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Anonymous said...

Hawkins is really reaching for anything in the 11th hour! Lumumba beat him 2-1 in the primary. This is a clear sign of desperation. He is making an issue where there is none. He'd do better to pay more attention to the needs and concerns of the people of ward 2 and propose a political platform that addresses those needs.