Monday, May 11, 2009

Andy Mullins Lecture about Jackson Schools

Below is a video of a lecture Andy Mullins delivered to the Mississippi Teacher's Corps last year.

I first became aware of Andy when he was a history teacher and football coach at St. Andrews. He left by the time I was old enough to play on the high school team, but he did coach my brother and the boys seemed to really like him. Andy was really dedicated to education and soon drew the attention of a lot of people who were also interested in education, particularly former governor William Winter.

The lecture is to students with MTC who would be working in around Jackson and he gives them a really interesting, concise and complete evaluation and history of the educational situation in central Mississippi including issues of poverty, racism and white flight. If you're from or interested in the Metro Jackson area, you might find this a very interesting discussion.

In particular I enjoyed shot stories he tells about two guys from Jackson I always really liked. One is Bob Fortenberry who was the Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools most of the years when I was growing up. He was also an avid fisherman.

The other is Joe Lee Gibson who was a janitor at Millsaps College for many years. You really had to go to Millsaps in the 70's and 80's to know what Joe Lee was all about, but if you recognize the name, you'll enjoy the short bit Andy tells about him.

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