Sunday, May 17, 2009

80's Music Videos Are Just Weird

80's videos are just weird. This video of Bonnie Tyler singing Total Eclipse of the Heart is a great example.

To look at this without the sound you'd think it was a horror movie. Choir boys with glowing eyes, who take flight for no apparent reason fighting a dozen dancers in Conan the barbarian leather costumes--and all with remarkably large hair.

I guess the choir boys with glowing eyes is a reference to the line "turn around bright eyes" in the song, but Holy Crap! These guys are worse than those kids in Village of the Damned.

Flying choirboys, leather clad half-naked male dancers: do you get the impression maybe the director was both gay and catholic?

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Welsh Girls Dream of Cowboys:

Bonnie Tyler is Holding Out For A Hero, but of all the heroes from British history, what Bonnie really wants is a cowboy.

I wonder if this is the same director that brought us the flying choirboys in Total Eclipse of the Heart. The production values on these videos are pretty high. Who knows how much they paid for the helicopter shots in the Grand Canyon.

I knew guys who would turn themselves into zombies staying up all night watching this crap on MTV. You really gotta wonder what the hell we were thinking.

Oh yeah, did I mention the glow-in-the-dark bull whips?

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Ok, if there was any doubt Bonnie Tyler's director was gay, the greco-roman mud wrestlers in this one pretty much gives away the ending. Not only was he gay, he apparently did a lot of drugs too. Giant spider webs? Nurses from the blitz? What the hell is going on here? You'll notice her hair gets progressively bigger with each video. In this one it's just short of a full afro.

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