Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who is Guillermo, Why I Twitter Him and Why You Should Too

Sometimes things get really big and I have no idea why.

Twitter is probably the least useful of all the social networking sites, but right now it's all anybody wants to talk about. Likewise, Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher are people of really moderate talents, who, for some reason, amassed huge followings.

Recently, these massive but impotent forces combined. Kutcher challenged CNN to a duel to see who could get more twitter followers and beat them, only to have Oprah announce on her show that she was starting to twitter and have her twitter followers suddenly challenge Kutcher's minions.

I hate mob mentality. It just goes against everything I'd like to believe about human beings.

To battle these evil forces, I'm trying to get everyone I know with twitter to follow Guillermo Rodriguez, the parking lot security guard from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Just follow this link to begin following.

Even if you don't use twitter, join now and start following Guillermo, just to show the world how much you hate Oprah and Ashton. It'll also give you an idea of what the twitter experience is all about and why it's just...bullshit.

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