Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry I Infected You

Last week I inadvertently exposed you guys to the latest internet viral meme.

Susan Boyle, also known as the ugly Brit who can sing like an angel, was seen originally by an estimated eleven million viewers of Britain's Got Talent, then her segment was posted to YouTube where in just a few days various copies of it received over twelve million hits.

That's just the beginning though. As I write this, five of the top twenty videos on YouTube are copies of the Boyle video. At this rate, she should be bigger than Chocolate Rain and the Star Wars Kid combined in less than a week.

Back in the real world, Boyle is getting some compensation for her internet fame as requests for interviews roll in, including one for the coveted Oprah Show.

I apologize to any of you who read my post and have since gotten really, really tired of seeing the same video, over and over again. Just because I was an early adapter doesn't mean I didn't contribute to this really pernicious viral meme.

Rest assured, the Susan Boyle video won't do any harm to your computer, but you may soon start having a negative reaction to hearing her sing, the same way people eventually started reacting to Celene Dion singing the Titanic Theme.

For more about the Susan Boyle phenomenon, check this news story.

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