Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revolving Jackson Police Chief

Several news outlets speculated Police Chief Malcom McMillin would announce his retirement this morning, but he didn't.

Mayor Melton now says he accepted McMillin's resignation this morning and is ready to announce his replacement.

Since Melton has his replacement ready, we have to assume this was in the works for a while. Rumors say it all boils down to McMillin supporting somebody other than Melton in the upcoming mayoral election.

I wondered how long this unlikely match between McMillin and Melton would last. Instability in the chief position pre-dated Melton by several years, but it never got any better under Melton until the surprise appointment of McMillin.

I wonder if McMillin's resignation has anything to do with last week's controversy among the Mississippi Democratic Party or the controversy within the party about whether or not Melton can appear as a Democrat in the upcoming election.

In uncertain times, political stability means a lot to people, but there's little to be found in Jackson. It's possible Melton could overcome his past problems and be a strong mayor again, but one has to wonder how unlikely that might be.

A lot of people (including me) speculated Obama's election as president would usher in a new day among black politics and politicians, but that has yet to filter down to Jackson.

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