Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Republican Melt-Down 2009

If you haven't noticed, the Republicans are having some sort of a melt down.

Part of it is just because they lost the election and there's always a purge after losing an election. Since they lost both the presidency and congress, this purge might be worse than most.

The other part is that the Republicans have always considered themselves masters of the economy and no matter how much people criticize their other stuff, they've always been able to point to that to justify themselves. When we went into a recession with the Republicans on watch, with some of their policies in the spotlight as the probable cause, it kind of threw them into a state of shock.

Normally a purge isn't that bad, but it creates a power vacuum and right now they don't have anybody to fill it, so they're dredging up some old horses like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Both of them were pretty well discredited years ago though so their return is pretty impotent.

Some of the faithful have left the party and now call themselves libertarians. I can't see them really embracing most of the libertarian agenda though so that probably won't last. There's an outside chance they could end up taking over the party from the real libertarians, which would suck because they serve a useful purpose as is.

Historically, when a party is in power for a long time, they end to take things too far, so the electorate eventually gets tired of them and kicks them out. If you look at our history, this see-saw from left to right has happened several times, so rather than pull their hair out, the Republicans should probably use this down time to work on their fundamentals and clean up their act and just wait until it's their time again.

They could also work on their sportsmanship some too. Losing is part of playing the game and you have to take it with some grace or you come off looking like an asshole. The Democrats aren't much better when they lose, but it's never too late for somebody to come forward and start acting like a grown-up about it.


Sandi said...

Do you read Matt Taibbi? He had a story about the GOP in this month's edition of Rolling Stone. He's harsh, and definitely biased, but a dang good writer.

A. Boyd C. said...

Not yet, but it sounds pretty cool.