Sunday, April 19, 2009

Libertarians Vs Progressives. Who the Hell ARE These People?

I've written before how the Democrats don't want to be called "Democrats" anymore, they want you to call them "Progressives". Well, now the Republicans have gotten in on the act and they want to be known as "Libertarians".

They're the same people they always were, with the same affiliations and the same beliefs, but they're not happy with the press their party received over the past few years so they're looking to re-brand themselves.

There actually already are Progressive and Libertarian parties, and I'm sure they're just thrilled with all the new members. Neither party has anyone elected to congress, so they must see this new-found popularity as a real opportunity. Ten years ago the Libertarian and Progressive parties had to join forces just to have enough people to field a softball team. Now, they're having to bring out the folding chairs so their new members have a place to sit.

These people who used to be Democrats will probably be shocked when they find out the biggest success the progressive party ever had were little programs known as Prohibition and Teddy Roosevelt's New American Empire.

The people who used to be Republicans will probably be shocked when they find out that, until recently, the biggest planks in the libertarian platform were the legalization of drugs and prostitution, making abortion more accessible and eliminating the FCC's decency regulations.

You see, Re-Branding is bullshit.

These people don't want to join a new party, they just want to get rid of all the negative baggage their old party carried around. It doesn't really work though because everybody knows it's the same old bus, just with a new coat of paint.

You see, parties aren't too good at achieving their stated agendas. What they are good at is achieving their member's real, hidden agendas, the ones even they are ashamed to admit.

The republicans say they want smaller government, but what they really want is power, so government grows substantially when the republicans are in office.

Likewise, the democrats say they want to help the common man, but what they really want is control, so life gets worse for the common man when the democrats are in office.

Both parties actually do their best work when they're out of office. The lack of power forces them to stick to their stated agenda, and a lot of times, that's when they make the most progress at getting what they say they want.


Nicole Bradshaw said...

Boyd, THIS stuff oughta be what your book is about. You write about politics well.

A. Boyd C. said...

I just can't imagine anybody reading it though.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Maybe you should start with some freelance op/ed pieces for the Ledger. See how that shakes out. You could do this.

A. Boyd C. said...

See, I got this thing about working with or for the C/L.

My Uncle owned the paper forever, and even though he died a long time ago, I'm afraid it'd be weird for the people there and for me to get involved with them so I've always kept an arms length away.

Plus there'd be all these people who'd want to talk about my dad and my grand dad and my other uncle and on and on, and I'm really kind of enjoying life just being me and not some sort of legacy.

Plus, there'd be that question about whether I'm a liberal or a conservative and you'd be surprised how mad people get when I say "neither!"