Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weird News Day in Jackson

It's been a weird news day in Jackson

Dump Truck Bandit
A creative minded burglar stole a dump truck and used it to commit two robberies early this morning before the truck's owners even knew it was stolen.

Story :WLBT

The Mayor Doesn't Live In Jackson
The Jackson Democratic Municipal Executive Committee said today that Jackson Mayor Frank Melton wasn't qualified to run for a second term as a democrat because he filed his homestead exemption in Texas rather than Jackson. Melton says he'll challenge the ruling in court. You'd think he'd be tired of court by now.

Story: Clarion Ledger

Canton Police Officer Shoots Dog
Not surprisingly the pooch in question was a pit bull terrier that attacked the Canton Copper. The owner swears it would never hurt a fly.

Story: WLBT

1 comment:

Bowcatz said...

Of course the pit bull dog won't hurt it's owner. The owner is the one that feeds it. Dogs ain't that dumb.

As for Melton, I think he thrives on the attention he's getting in the media. In a kind of sick way, he's always doing something to get his face on WLBT again and again, ad nauseum.

As for the dump truck driver bandit, crack cocaine has a way of making people do dumb things. I mean, he could have sold the truck to a chop shop for a couple of thousand dollars. I'm sure his crack dealer buddy could have hooked him up with a chop shop somewhere out in Hinds county.