Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sephen Baldwin Sort Of Debates Ron Paul About Drugs

I'm all for legalizing drugs, but this is kind of bullshit. Joy Behar of ABC's The View sits in for Larry King and hosts a mini debate on the legalization of marijuana between Ron Paul and Stephen Baldwin.

Ron Paul is a great thinker and a great choice to debate the anti war on drugs position, but Stephen Baldwin? Really?

This happens a lot on television. They'll invite people to discuss some important issue, but the person they choose to represent one side of the argument is completely weak and ineffective. Why not have Ron Paul debate a trained seal?

I'm not blaming Behar here. I'm sure she showed up to fill in for Larry King and the producers had the whole show already set up, including the guests. The producers really did us no favors by having such a lop-sided debate.

Link: YouTube

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