Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melton Says He's Not A Pimp in Photos

Some of you may remember these controversial photos of Jackson Mayor Frank Melton.

It turns out he has an explanation why he had his picture taken with these women. According to WLBT "

"That was very innocent. I was having lunch at Peaches Restaurant on Farish Street and they were shooting a film across the street and I was so excited to have someone on Farish Street shooting a commercial; so I came out; the young ladies; it was a commercial about antique cars and they asked me to take a picture with them and I accommodated them and that was the extent of it," said Melton.


I would have felt better had WLBT tracked down the people shooting the commercial and confirmed the story with them, but we'll take Frank at his word for now.

Honestly, with everything that's gone on around Melton, the only way these pictures could be really shocking is if it turned out the women with him were actually some of the boys living in Franks house dressed in drag.

WAPT (link) reports they found the guy who took the picture. It's Daren Gray, of Atlanta, and he he was involved in a photo shoot for Spare Dime Magazine. Spare Dime has a website, (http://sparedime.com) but there's nothing on it. It looks like Spare Dime is some sort of car magazine from a black perspective. I did find the website for Daren Gray (link) and he seems to specialize in black women dressed like this in urban settings.

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Mommy Cracked said...

That man has brought more drama to Jackson than anyone I have ever seen. It seemed like for awhile there he was on the front of the Clarion ledger every single day.