Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hangin' With Pee Wee Herman On Facebook

I just befriended Paul Reubens on Facebook. Facebook suggested him, which is kind of cool because usually Facebook suggests people I never heard of. I've never actually met Rubens, but I'm a big fan, so I clicked "why the fuck not" and now we're connected on Facebook.

Most of you remember him as Pee Wee Herman of movies and saturday morning TV fame. Some of you might remember him as the guy who was arrested at a gay adult movie theatre and then arrested again for having a child pornography collection that later turned out to be not actually children and not particularly pornographic. To be specific: they were muscle magazines from the 50's and 60's and the people who brought the charges got into a fair amount of trouble for it, but the damage was already done to Rubens' career. Apparently, people could handle his fuckin' weird TV personality, but not the fact that in real life he was shockingly gay.

Despite these issues, I'm still a huge Rubens fan and was even before his television show or movies. The first time I saw his character "Pee Wee" was a taped performance of the Pee Wee stage show for HBO. Ironically, it was basically the same format he would later use for his Saturday morning show, but with really funny and decidedly adult double entendre for everything.

After his fall from grace, I was thrilled to see Rubens working again as the Penguin's father in "Batman Returns" and later as Oscar Vibenius who could smell death on the perversely funny, but now sadly canceled "Pushing Daisies".

What shocked me about finding Rubens on facebook was his profile picture. Now that he's fifty-seven years old, Paul looks like you'd imagine Alfred E Newman if he grew up and became an accountant. He did a really funny bit on Jimmy Kimmel a few months ago so I know he's still the brilliant conceptual comedian he always was, but seeing Rubens as a real, live, middle age man was far more shocking than hearing he went to gay porno theaters when he was younger.

Rubens on Jimmy Kimmell Link: YouTube

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