Thursday, April 24, 2008

Social Networking For Grown ups

Social networking sights like Facebook or Myspace are far more popular with kids, but they're actually more useful for grownups.

When you're a kid, you see you have a lot more opportunities to see your friends than when you're a grownup. You go to school five days a week and most of them are there. You go to football games on Friday night and they're there too and Sunday school on Sundays and parties and dances and sports and all sorts of opportunities for social interaction. When you're a grownup all that slows down considerably.

When you're an adult things are different. You go to work five days a week, but most of those people aren't really your good friends. Some you don't even like at all. When you get home you have kids or housework to deal with and going out just isn't as much fun as it used to be so it can be weeks between times when you see your friends face-to-face.

That's where social networking sights come in handy. You can check sights like Facebook or Myspace once a day and get short snippets of life from and about your loved ones. Folks who just love to talk (like me) might even keep blogs that you can read and share.

There's a stigma attached to older users of social networking sights because predators have used them to solicit children. The stigma is going away though and, thanks to some very diligent people, the predators are being caught and dealt with.

It may be easier for me to adapt to this type of technology since I've been on the Internet so long, but the Internet is changing all of our lives and I'm going to predict that this type of social interaction is only going to grow among all age groups as time goes on.


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Sandi said...

I agree with you completely, Boyd. If not for facebook, it would be nearly impossible for me to keep up with my friends. We all moved away and have lives of our own, and you can't just hop in the car and go seem each other anymore.
Plus, sites like that are just fun, too. All the games ... it's great entertainment. :)