Friday, April 11, 2008

Bigfoot Spotted in Tupelo

Bigfoot has been reported in Mississippi and Arkansas for years. Maybe somebody should have checked the costume shops.

From the North East Mississippi Daily Journal

4/9/2008 6:44:42 PM

By Danza Johnson
Daily Journal

TUPELO – With four gorilla sightings on Thomas Street on Wednesday, it seemed the infamous Oliver inspired a copycat or copy primate.

According to police, two postal workers and two parents picking their children up from school claimed to have seen a huge primate run into the woods behind the post office shortly after 2 p.m.

Because all the accounts were separate instances, School Resource Officer Lt. Terry Sanford said he doesn’t doubt that people saw something, but he’s almost sure it wasn’t a gorilla.

“We got a few calls about the gorilla, but we didn’t see anything,” said Sanford. “People said they saw the animal run into the woods. I think what they saw was a person dressed in a suit trying to get a reaction out of people.”

A local costume dealer said a man and a woman bought a gorilla head and hands Tuesday, stating that they already had a suit.

If anybody wants to arrange Bigfoot sightings in Jackson, we have the above suit here:


tupelobizbuzz said...

Yeah, we like to monkey around up here in Tupelo. Maybe next time the folks lurking in the woods will pick something more creative to tease the kids with. Maybe a unicorn or a huge banana.

By the way, the paper is called the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.

Thanks for the link!

Tupelo Biz Buzz

Sandi said...

Danza, Danza ... why weren't you there with a camera? LOL

Thanks for the post. I needed the laugh today!

A. Boyd C. said...

Hiya Biz Buzz!
Thanks for catching that. I've corrected it now. I guess I figured so many other things around here are delta this or the other that I'd change the name of the paper.